ucretsiz hizmetler en

  • 1

    Fiber internet

  • 2

    Cleaning room per two weeks

  • 3

    Garbage taking

  • 4

    24 hours security

  • 5


  • 6

    Repair & maintenance

  • 9

    Common kitchens

  • 10

    Common study areas

  • 12

    Hot water

  • 16

    Seperated A/C for rooms

  • 14

    Satellite TV

  • 17


  • 18

    Lockable boxes

  • 20

    Garbage room

  • 22

    7/24 info desk

  • 23

    Design room

  • 25


  • 26

    Bus Service

ucretli hizmetler en

  • 1

    Market, cafe, restaurants

  • 2

    Laundry room

  • 3

    Premium cleaning

  • 7

    Fitness center

  • 29



Merak Ettikleriniz (EN)

merak edilenler en

Dormitory fee includes;

Water, fiber internet, security, room cleaning every two weeks and changing of the bed linens one time in e week.

You can eat in the common cafe or restaurant or you can order food from the nearest restaurants.

There is no time limits to enter or quit to the dormitory. It will be enough to fill a permission form when you will not stay the night.

No it is not. The security cameras can be found only at the common areas.

Campus Cyprus loves new people. Your friends can stay free until midnight whose visitor registrations are done.

Yes there is. You can get any kind of support from our advisor.

We love pets as well but unfortunately it is not allowed to keep pet. There is no permission to keep pets in Campus Cyprus.

Yes there is, you can leave your luggages to our storage room while you have your registration procedure.

Sure, the student should write a request letter to the dormitory management.

Immediately, contact to the dormitory if there is any health issue. In case of emergency situations you can get help from campus health centre for free.

  • It is an earthquake and fire resistant made building.

  • There is fire and smoke detector in each room of the building.

  • There is uninterrupted electric system supported with generator (power supply).

  • There is a card-entry system for the rooms and a lockable drawer in each room.

  • There is 7 days 24 hours security system.

  • 7/24 control and record through our closed camera systems in the common areas.

Bize Ulaşın (EN)

Contact us


Bank account details

Ziraat Bankası (TL)

IBAN: TR 0900 0100 2102 8543 5553 5001

Account No: 5553 - 5001


Ziraat Bankası (USD)

IBAN: TR 7900 0100 2102 8543 5553 5002

Account No: 5553-5002

Halk Bankası (TL)

IBAN: TR 3100 0120 0989 8000 1026 0763

Account No: 0898-10260763


Halk Bankası (USD)

IBAN: TR 8400 0120 0989 8000 5300 0240

Account No: 0898-53000240


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